About the Bettws Newydd Opposition Group

Please note that the campaign is now closed, and we are no longer active. However, the website is being left in place as a record of what we consider to be a serious failure of the planning process.

We are a formally constituted group with the following aims:

  1. To achieve the replacement of the present development at Bettws Newydd with one that is more appropriate to the location, in conformity with the LDP and other planning policies, and acceptable to both the local and wider community.
  2. To persuade the PCNPA to identify and itemise the mistakes made in dealing with this development and to change its processes to prevent repetition.

Objectives: To pursue all available lawful remedies and means to achieve the above aims.

Officers and supporters: These are listed below.

"Fighting Fund"

This is now closed, as we have concluded we cannot appeal against the inspector's decision. (See our Appeal Verdict page). We are refunding a proportion of all funds donated.
Anonymous donors: If you donated anonymously and would like a proportional refund, please let us know as soon as possible by writing to info@parrog.org.uk and telling us the date and the amount of your contribution.

Please note that all contributions were deposited in a properly constituted local bank account, which can be used only to further the above Aims and Objectives. Casual expenses for copying, postage, stationary, etc and other such costs will not be charged to this account but absorbed by the group members themselves.

If you want to learn more about what happened and about the many mistakes made by the Pembrokeshire National Park Planning Authority, please read our "What Happened" page.



  • Reg Atkinson (Chairman)
  • Ros McGarry ( Secretary)
  • Liz Bellamy (Vice Chairman)
  • Robbie Manson (Spokesperson - English)
  • Hywel Williams (Spokesperson - Welsh)
  • Brendan Blake (Website Management )


Please sign up:

We are continuing to press the National Park to make changes to ensure a mistake of this type is never repeated (Our second aim). If you sign up for our distribution list, we will keep you posted of any developments - see our JOIN US page.

You can contact us by email at: info@parrog.org.uk 

We used to list here the names of about 200 people who were supporting and helping the campaign. However, as the campaign is closed and with the arrival of GDPR we have now removed this list.

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